• jos [CZ]

    Well, you wrote “error reporting is disabled”, but that’s really bad idea. Maybe you ment “display_errors is set to off”

    • http://www.sk89q.com sk89q

      Right. That’s what I really mean. I’ll change it.


  • guest

    what about sftp??

    • http://www.sk89q.com sk89q

      Well, FTP can be used with SSL as well, so you don’t *have* to use SCP.

  • http://www.developertalk.de DeveloperTalk

    Hello sk89q,
    I like your cheatsheet and I have a question.
    Am I allowed to translate your cheatsheet into german?
    I would mark you in the footer as the original creator.

    Hope you can answer me. (The best would be if you write me an email, thanks)


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